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                                      Fly Ash Brick Machine


                                       Description of Fly Ash Brick Machine

                                      Raw material of fly ash brick are commonly the boiler emissions of fly ash and slag or furnace slag from power plant emissions. They accounted for 75% ~ 90% of the dry mix, when only use the fly ash, it takes 75%; when mixing with coarse slag, it takes 90%. The best proportion between fly ash and coarse slag is 1:1. The rest of the raw materials are clay, quick lime, gypsum and crushed waste brick.


                                      The core equipment of fly ash brick production is the brick making machine, which is a double-stage brick strips extruder. The brick strips are processed by the brick slitter and brick setting machine, then sent to the kiln for sintering. The high chromium casting auger is treated by quenching process, which greatly icrease of service life (8-10 million standard brick); Integrally cast of machine head and vacuum chamber, by whole processing and quenching handling, that can increase it toughness, no deformation, extend the life of the machine. The vacuum chamber is with funnel-shaped design, which is more rapid and easy for air exhaust than that of square design.

                                       Brick Making Process

                                      Screw conveyor - measurement - the mixture screw conveyor - double shaft mixer - belt conveyor - wheel mill - brick machine - brick cutting - kiln - flyash bricks.


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