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              Brick Making Machine JZK70/60


               Description of Brick Machine JZK70/60

              The brick machine JZK70/70-25 is a large type vacuum brick making machine developed by Wangda Machinery, which is employed to form and extrude solid or hollow brick strips. The raw material can be the mixture of clay, shale, fly ash, mining slag, industrial waste, poor soil, etc. After ingredients, mixing, rolling press, the mixture enters this brick machine for further mixing(or with steam), air exhaust, extrusion. The extruded strips are processed by brick setting machine to get verious kinds of bricks.

               Structure of Brick Machine JZK70/60

               JKZ series brick machine is mainly composed of superiors, subordinates, vacuum system, electric clutch system. It is with full steel welding structure, and enhenced by artificial aging treatment with high strength, reasonable structure, compact structure and high precision;
               This machine adopts pneumatic clutch with remote control available and its ZD type reducer has bigger bearing capacity and longer service life than that of general JZQ type gear reducer.
               The wear-resisting reamer and variable diameter cutter reamer can greatly increase the extrusion pressure and improve the work efficiency.
               Simplified structure has features of saving material and reducing the weight of equipment. It provides customers with more choices.

               Features of Brick Machine JZK70/60

              High chromium casting auger by quenching treatment, greatly icrease of service life (8-10 million standard brick);
               Integrally cast of extruder head and vacuum chamber, by whole processing and quenching handling, that can increase it toughness, no deformation, extend the life of the machine.
               Vacuum chamber is with funnel-shaped design, which is more rapid and easy for air exhaust than that of square design.

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