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                                    Shale Brick Machine


                                      Description of Shale Brick Machine:

                                    The shale brick machine produced by Wangda Machinery is a vacuum brick extruding machine which owns the features of rational structure, big pressing force, strong rigid, seal dust-proof, circulating lubrication, simple operation, durable and high output. The feeder speed part and back wheel rotation part of the shale brick machine adopt advanced technology with big power transmission, smooth running, accurate position, less maintenance and so on.

                                     Features and Applications of Vacuum Shale Brick Machine:

                                    Raw material can be coal gangue, clay and fly ash besides shale. Brick produced by the shale brick machine are widely used in construction and other industries;
                                     Diverse surface texture of finished products;
                                     High-temperature sintering with good durability and big compressive strength;
                                     Stable brick color, natural color never fade, shows classical and warm beauty;
                                     Good moisture absorption to adjust the room climate;
                                     Need to use sand cushion;
                                     Easy maintenance.

                                    Wangda shale brick machine mainly has 4 types, JZK70/60-4.0, JZK60/60-4.0, JZK55/55-4.0 and JZK50/45-4.0. Should any products be of interest to you, please feel free to contact us or complete the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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