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              Automatic Brick Setting Machine


               Description of Automatic Brick Setting Machine

              The full-automatic brick setting machine (ZPM) is mainly used for brick laying and stacking for the first and second firing in tunnel kiln. It has the features of hydraulic lift, electrical control and automatic brick setting.


              The full-automatic brick setting machine is composed of walking car, chuck, brick separation platform, lifting guide pillar, rail, hydraulic system and electrical system,etc. It is able to complete the whole laying/stacking process automatically, and all the moves are operated by electrical control. Workers can simply operate this brick setting machine.


               Automatic Brick Setting Machine Helps a lot in Brickyard

              It is a big problem to lay/stack bricks in brick factory. To sovle this problem, automatic brick setting machine came into being. With the emergence of auto brick setting brick, the labor expense and brick setting costs has been reduced greatly. An automatic brick setting machine is ten times of a labor in working capacity. In adition, it is able to work 24 hours a day since it is a robot, feels no tired, pays no wages. With the money saved a year, you can buy a luxury car. So for brickyards, automatic brick setting machine is one of the essential equipment.


               Operation Flow of Brick Setting Machine:

               The extruded strips are cut into separated brick strips by brick slitter;
               The stripes are pushed through the cutting wires to the transitional bed ;
               When the transitional bed is fully occupied, the bricks are pushed to the brick board;
               The Lift Cylinder controls the chunk clamps down to reach the bricks, then the lift cylinder lifts the clamped bricks to a certain height.
               Chunk puts down the bricks on the tunnel kiln car.


               Technical Data:

              Production Capacity(Pcs/Year) Installed Capacity
              30,000,000 26.6 18000
              60,000,000 26.6 19600
              120,000,000 26.6 19600
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