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                                      Destacking Machine for Automatic Packing

                                      Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturing center in China. As a member of China Bricks& Tiles Industrial Association, Wangda was founded in 1972 with more than 40 years experience in the field of brick machine production.

                                      Wangda destacking machine sends boards to the slab on the fixing belt to qutomatic crosscut, transfer to moldboard, draw slab, and stack. This equipment cooperates with the receiving conveyor. Main component of the equipment: housing fan, sucker jacking system, car body drive, crosscut, air-operated system.

                                      Wangda destacking machine is used to destack/unload bricks after sintering in the tunnel kiln. The destacking machine is able to unload a small pile brick at a time from the kiln car, and the bricks can be unload to storage site or for loading directly, or unload to packing machine for automatic packing.

                                      Wangda destacking machine is also used for demoulding. After demoulding, templates sent to the plate blank car, 25 to 30 pieces of plate blank stuck up then pick up one pallet from pallet car to plate blanks upper. The machine needs work with brush oil machine. Main component of the equipment: housing, fan, sucker jacking system, car body, car body drive, autoclaving pallet swing part, air-operated system.

                                      Specification of Wangda Destacking Machine

                                      Unload specification/piles: 750mm×750mm;  1,000mm×1,000mm;  1,250mm×1,250mm
                                      Lifting height: 2m-3m
                                      Width: 12m

                                      Wangda Machinery always provides professional brick making solutions for our clients, and make brick production lines/equipment according to customer needs. For many years, Wangda Machinery has aimed to form a very helpful service team so that at anytime in anywhere our customers can benefit from it.

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