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                                      New Innovation Brick Strip Cutting and Blank Cutting Machine

                                      Wangda Machinery is a powerful brick machine manufacturing center in China. As a member of China Bricks&Tiles Industrial Association, Wangda was founded in 1972 with more than 40 years experience in the field of brick machine production.

                                      Wangda brick strip cutting and blank cutting machine is mainly used for sinered brick production process. It cuts mud which is squeezed from extrider into qualified clay brick during sintering brick production. It had the features flowing:
                                      1. This brick strip cutting and blank cutting machine can overcome the mud dump, increase production, save 7-15% energy, reduce 1 or 2 staffs.
                                      2. With intellective anti-deflective control, the machine can save 70-100% of fuel.
                                      3. Wangda brick strip cutting and blank cutting machine can convert quickily when the wire broken, increase the production efficiency, strip cutting uses Servo, more preciser and quicker, no shock, and the mud will be no distorted.

                                      After customers buy the machine from Wangda Machinery, Wangda offer full range best service for customers. Wangda Machinery always reassures the customers. Many customers purchase many times from us after the first purchase and become our regular customers. We are indispensable for them.

                                      Wangda Machinery always provides professional brick making solutions for our clients, and make brick production lines/equipment according to customer needs. For many years, Wangda Machinery has aimed to form a very helpful service team so that at anytime in anywhere our customers can benefit from it.

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